Monday, January 3, 2011

Spirits like Attention

      It has been a few days since I have written, I apologize, the holidays took over :-)

        Today I'd like to share some of my experiences with spirits who mean no harm and do not really speak to people. Instead they make themselves known by acting out in ways that you can hear them or see them physically. What do I mean by this? Spirits who act out for the sake of "making noise" are spirits who just want attention. There is no purpose or message involved other than making you aware that they exist. For example, In my sister's home there is a spirit who has the tendency of opening and closing doors when you are alone in the house. I could be downstairs and I would hear footsteps going up the stairs and the door slamming shut. How do I know it is a spirit and not just a draft? In order to make sure I wasn't just hearing the neighbors I tested the spirit. When I was alone, I went upstairs and closed all the doors, making sure the latch clicked. The doors could not just be pushed open, the door knob had to be turned. Then I sat against the far wall that faced all three doors. About an hour later I heard the footsteps again, it suddenly felt cold and the hairs on my arms and neck rose up. I didn't see any physical manifestation of the spirit but I heard the footsteps go to the last door, the guest room, and saw the door open and slam shut. It was a little alarming but I'm use to simple things like this. My sister heard this happen in her home numerous times, to the point where it no longer alarmed her or surprised her.
        Another experience that I had was when I and my closest friend were house sitting my sister's home. We experienced the spirits call for attention twice together and separately we experienced different things. But as for the two we experienced together, the first time we were alone in the house, upstairs in the main bedroom. I was sitting on the floor and my friend on the bed, and we were discussing sightseeing the following day.  The door to the room swung open very slowly, as if someone was hesitant to walk in. We both looked at the door open all the way, and we both knew that it was a ghost because the door was completely closed. The other occurrence was also in the bed room, we were in bed talking, about to go to sleep. The lights were out and the room was in complete darkness. Suddenly, the far end of the room lit up, we both sat up and saw that the computer had been turned on. Most people question how do we know that it wasn't just on a screen saver, and the mouse slightly moved? We know it wasn't that because it was a lap top, there is no mouse. Furthermore, the laptop was completely shut down and to be turned on, the power button had to be held down for about 5 seconds. Since we were in bed, who else did it?
       Since I was young I have seen numerous doors and cabinets open and close. I've heard many footsteps and many small things have been moved out of place. But one instance that did scare me however is something that would happen at my friend's house. There was a ghost of a little girl, and while you were sleeping she would slide out the keyboard of the computer and slam down on the keys. You would be startled from sleep and when you looked at the direction of the keyboard, you could see her for a split second before she ran out of the room.

Has anyone else experienced this?

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