Monday, January 10, 2011

Spirit Orbs

  Now, there is so much skepticism on the topic of spirit orbs, and with good reason. First off, let me state that spirit orbs DO exist. What they are made up of exactly I can't say but it is firmly believed by many, myself included, that it is an orb of energy created by the spirit, that can be captured by digital photography and seen by the naked eye. Yes it can be seen by the naked eye despite popular belief that it cannot, but that doesn't mean that it will be. I won't say that it is rare, because every medium, clairvoyant, psychic, and person is different. I believe that everyone can experience an orb differently, see it differently. As a matter of fact, it might not just be an orb that a person may see, but a sort of shimmer. This is harder to explain unless you deal with it personally. It is almost as if the spirit is trying to manifest itself but cannot do so completely, instead it emanates a shimmery look.
   Orbs can be any size, whether it is the size of a quarter or the size of a baseball. They can appear in any color, emanate different types and strength of light, they can move erratically or with purpose. That doesn't really help my case but I'm going to be honest. Furthermore, not every orb you see in a digital photo is a spirit orb. I do believe that many people exaggerate or try to see something when something isn't there. Most of the time, orbs in photos are dust and other particles in the air that reflect the flash. Which makes it that much harder to prove. The best way to prove an orb is a spirit orb is to catch it on film, moving. Which is difficult.
A personal picture, this is NOT a spirit orb, it is dust. Not every orb is paranormal

   However, I have seen orbs without the use of digital photography . One was about the size of a tennis ball, it shone gold and it glittered. I could feel a presence but I'm not sure who it was. It seems to be attracted to my sister, it follows her and she sees it much more vividly and much more often. I am much more accustomed to the shimmer that I spoke of before. In a corner where there is no light and nothing to reflect light, there is shimmery look. It's fuzzy and it glitters as well, as if flakes of glitter were free floating. I see those much often. I see them in homes, businesses or just on the street. I do not know for sure why it is that they do this, maybe they just do not have enough energy to manifest completely.
     Are there any photos that you feel ARE spirit orbs? Or any orbs that you might have seen and would like to share your story?


  1. I'm a skeptic, so I gotta say that I don't really go along with this whole 'spirit orb' thing. There are much weirder things with explanations out there, so I'm gonna have to subscribe to the fact that there's a logical reason for this.

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  2. You are right, there are several logical reasons for spirit orbs. The one in the picture is some dust particle in the air. They do exist but I think they are rarely captured. They are SEEN however, quite frequently