Monday, January 10, 2011

Spirit Orbs

  Now, there is so much skepticism on the topic of spirit orbs, and with good reason. First off, let me state that spirit orbs DO exist. What they are made up of exactly I can't say but it is firmly believed by many, myself included, that it is an orb of energy created by the spirit, that can be captured by digital photography and seen by the naked eye. Yes it can be seen by the naked eye despite popular belief that it cannot, but that doesn't mean that it will be. I won't say that it is rare, because every medium, clairvoyant, psychic, and person is different. I believe that everyone can experience an orb differently, see it differently. As a matter of fact, it might not just be an orb that a person may see, but a sort of shimmer. This is harder to explain unless you deal with it personally. It is almost as if the spirit is trying to manifest itself but cannot do so completely, instead it emanates a shimmery look.
   Orbs can be any size, whether it is the size of a quarter or the size of a baseball. They can appear in any color, emanate different types and strength of light, they can move erratically or with purpose. That doesn't really help my case but I'm going to be honest. Furthermore, not every orb you see in a digital photo is a spirit orb. I do believe that many people exaggerate or try to see something when something isn't there. Most of the time, orbs in photos are dust and other particles in the air that reflect the flash. Which makes it that much harder to prove. The best way to prove an orb is a spirit orb is to catch it on film, moving. Which is difficult.
A personal picture, this is NOT a spirit orb, it is dust. Not every orb is paranormal

   However, I have seen orbs without the use of digital photography . One was about the size of a tennis ball, it shone gold and it glittered. I could feel a presence but I'm not sure who it was. It seems to be attracted to my sister, it follows her and she sees it much more vividly and much more often. I am much more accustomed to the shimmer that I spoke of before. In a corner where there is no light and nothing to reflect light, there is shimmery look. It's fuzzy and it glitters as well, as if flakes of glitter were free floating. I see those much often. I see them in homes, businesses or just on the street. I do not know for sure why it is that they do this, maybe they just do not have enough energy to manifest completely.
     Are there any photos that you feel ARE spirit orbs? Or any orbs that you might have seen and would like to share your story?

Monday, January 3, 2011

Spirits like Attention

      It has been a few days since I have written, I apologize, the holidays took over :-)

        Today I'd like to share some of my experiences with spirits who mean no harm and do not really speak to people. Instead they make themselves known by acting out in ways that you can hear them or see them physically. What do I mean by this? Spirits who act out for the sake of "making noise" are spirits who just want attention. There is no purpose or message involved other than making you aware that they exist. For example, In my sister's home there is a spirit who has the tendency of opening and closing doors when you are alone in the house. I could be downstairs and I would hear footsteps going up the stairs and the door slamming shut. How do I know it is a spirit and not just a draft? In order to make sure I wasn't just hearing the neighbors I tested the spirit. When I was alone, I went upstairs and closed all the doors, making sure the latch clicked. The doors could not just be pushed open, the door knob had to be turned. Then I sat against the far wall that faced all three doors. About an hour later I heard the footsteps again, it suddenly felt cold and the hairs on my arms and neck rose up. I didn't see any physical manifestation of the spirit but I heard the footsteps go to the last door, the guest room, and saw the door open and slam shut. It was a little alarming but I'm use to simple things like this. My sister heard this happen in her home numerous times, to the point where it no longer alarmed her or surprised her.
        Another experience that I had was when I and my closest friend were house sitting my sister's home. We experienced the spirits call for attention twice together and separately we experienced different things. But as for the two we experienced together, the first time we were alone in the house, upstairs in the main bedroom. I was sitting on the floor and my friend on the bed, and we were discussing sightseeing the following day.  The door to the room swung open very slowly, as if someone was hesitant to walk in. We both looked at the door open all the way, and we both knew that it was a ghost because the door was completely closed. The other occurrence was also in the bed room, we were in bed talking, about to go to sleep. The lights were out and the room was in complete darkness. Suddenly, the far end of the room lit up, we both sat up and saw that the computer had been turned on. Most people question how do we know that it wasn't just on a screen saver, and the mouse slightly moved? We know it wasn't that because it was a lap top, there is no mouse. Furthermore, the laptop was completely shut down and to be turned on, the power button had to be held down for about 5 seconds. Since we were in bed, who else did it?
       Since I was young I have seen numerous doors and cabinets open and close. I've heard many footsteps and many small things have been moved out of place. But one instance that did scare me however is something that would happen at my friend's house. There was a ghost of a little girl, and while you were sleeping she would slide out the keyboard of the computer and slam down on the keys. You would be startled from sleep and when you looked at the direction of the keyboard, you could see her for a split second before she ran out of the room.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Interactions with the Dead

        How do you know for sure that you came into physical contact with a spirit? How do you know that you actually heard one speaking and it wasn't just your mind playing tricks? How do you know that the person you saw standing there a minute ago wasn't a spirit? That your eyes aren't just tired or your not just seeing things? Actually, when situations like these occur, they tend to be the real deal. You actually did touch a spirit, hear a spirit, or see a spirit. But our mind tries to explain it rationally. It tries to come up with an excuse to explain what isn't normal. That's what we've been taught our whole lives, most of us at least. So as a first step, lets stop trying to rationalize everything, and see it for what it is. Here's an experience that I'm sure almost everyone has had but they just disregarded it. When I was about 14, I was in my room with my sister. It was a Saturday morning, so we were just being lazy and stayed in bed. My mother was in the next room over reading a book when we heard her call us both by name " Lexi. Marie." Reluctantly we got up and walked to her room and asked "yes?"  She looked up from her book and said " what happened?" My sister then replied, " Nothing happened, you called us. What do you need?" My mom looked a little confused and said " I didn't call you." "But we heard you." I replied. She just said, " No, i didn't call you." Then she went back to reading her book. My sister and I walked back to our room and started talking about what just happened. Most people would rationalize and say that it was just their mind. But let me ask this, how do you rationalize TWO people hearing the exact same thing? Both my sister and I heard a voice call us both by name very clearly, so clearly in fact, that we assumed it was our mother. Almost everyone has experienced this at one point in their life. Someone is trying to get your attention, whether because they need something or they just want to have a little fun( yes, some spirits just toy with you).  So this was a situation where a spirit was heard, nothing more.
       How do you know that you've come into physical contact with a spirit? This is usually through reactions from your body to your surroundings. Ever felt like your being watched but when you look around no one is there. This is an instance where you could be near a spirit. Or ever walked into a room, or house, or building and felt uneasy? Like something is wrong or it just feels bad? You might be in the vicinity of a tormented spirit, or something was done wrongfully towards the spirit during its life in that location. You could also walk into a room and feel happiness, sadness, loneliness, and all different types of emotions that these spirits felt or continue to feel. Have you ever seen shows like Ghost Adventures or Paranormal State? When they measure drops or rises in temperature, hair raising from the body, lung constriction; these are all physical reactions to the presence of a spirit. This is a way of our body alerting us to a change in our surroundings. One of the more personal body reactions consists of marks on our own bodies. This could be bruising if we were touched or grabbed, burning sensations on our skin and scratches. These tend to appear when you are in contact with malevolent spirits. Some go so far as to physically attack us, by hitting or kicking.
       How do you know if you saw a spirit? This one is a little trickier. The best way to prove to yourself that you actually saw a spirit is if someone else saw it with you. If you saw someone standing at the corner and when you blink they are gone, how do you know whether they were even there in the first place if no one else saw it? That is up to you. When I experience that, I instinctively decide whether it was real or not, 99% of the time it is real. You can walk into the space you saw them and see if your body reacts differently, that would be a good way to prove to yourself whether it was real or not. But honestly, the decision is up to you whether you want to classify it as real or a trick of the eyes. However, if you are with someone and across the way you see what you feel is a spirit, they do not disappear, and your friend can not see it, then you have indeed seen a spirit. More so, it could be that the spirit is trying to communicate with you specifically, maybe it needs your help or has a message for you. More often than not, this is the case. Most spirits who try to communicate with us have an ulterior motive. They want help, have a message for us, have a message to relay, or just want the attention. There are those who have not come to terms with their death and those who wish to harm others even after death.
          So the next time you experience something similar to what I have mentioned, don't be so quick to debunk it or rationalize it. Maybe you have an ability that you never gave a chance to grow. Maybe you will learn something new and important about yourself or your future.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Life Filled with Spirits

        Ever since I was a child, as far back as I can possibly remember, I've had certain abilities. Now I'm sure this sounds a little hard to believe for some but it is true. Everyone is different after all. Not all of us like and dislike the same things, not all of us excel at sports or in academics. So why can't some be born with different abilities, like hearing spirits, seeing spirits, or being able to communicate with them? As a matter of fact, who's to say that these abilities can't be learned or taught? So to begin, let's start with the first encounter that I can remember. I was 6 and I lived in an apartment with my mother and older sister, who was 9 at the time. Our block had lost power for whatever reason, so the house was dark except for the bedrooms, which my mother had placed candles in. Before bed I had to use the restroom, so i stepped out of the room and into the bathroom, which was the next room over. I had left the door open from my bedroom, so that the light emitted by the candle could shine into the bathroom. As I was lifting my pajamas and getting off the seat, I noticed a strange shadow across  the hall. He was standing behind a potted plant, but I could see his eyes vividly. Naturally, I ran screaming into my room. "There's a man in the hallway!!!" I yelled to my mother. She immediately retrieved a knife that she kept hidden in a drawer and ran out into the hallway, closing the door behind her and leaving me and my sister alone. We could hear her searching the house and a door slamming, but something else drew our attention. In front of our door, across our beds stood a man. A man that both me and my sister saw. He was not someone we knew, and he had formed out of thin air. But for some reason we knew not to scream,because we felt no danger. The man's presence was reassuring. He was dressed in khaki slacks, a buttoned up shirt with a jacket, and he looked to be in about his late forties or early fifties. He never moved and he spoke very quickly, though it felt like he spoke into my mind rather than out loud. He simply said " you'll be all right" and then he was gone. My mother walked in not a second later and she called the police. Apparently someone had broken into our house and ran out when I screamed. We spent the night at a relatives house just to be safe. It wasn't until a couple years later that my sister and I both realized who this man that we had seen that night was. It was our grandfather, on our father's side, who had died two years prior in a plane crash. He and my grandmother were flying in to meet us for the first time but never actually did make it. The clothes he was wearing were the clothes he was photographed in before boarding the plane. Sadly, this was the only time I have ever seen my grandfather. However, the same can not be said of my grandmother.